Extended Life & Reliability!

Routine maintenance is the best investment you can make in your motorcycle to keep it running as it should and to keep it handling as it should. Be good to your bike and it will be good to you. Whether you use it to explore those country roads on weekends or you use it daily to get back and forth from work, you don´t want to get just half way there.

Oil Change Plus

At Berkshire Cycle even a motorcycle oil change gets special attention. Your old oil is drained while the motor is hot to ensure the most dirty oil has been drained. A new filter is installed and torqued to factory specs. A new drain plug washer is fitted and your drain plug is torqued to factory specs. Your motor is then filled with the recommended amount of top grade motorcycle oil and then checked for proper level after 2 minutes of running. At this time we also take the opportunity to lube your chain and pivot points and set your tires to proper pressures. Your bike is now a happy bike for another 2000 miles! We recommend that you change your engines oil on a motorcycle every 1500 to 2500 miles to ensure long life from your engine.

Valve Clearance Adjustment

To ensure longevity and proper operation, the engine valves require a specific amount of clearance. Extremes of insufficient or a lack of clearance will cause a valve to run hot and leak. A valve that is extremely loose with excessive clearance can suffer from mechanical wear and be noisy. Either insufficient or excessive clearance can cause poor engine performance or failure.

Brake Service

The single most important piece of equipment on your motorcycle is your brakes. We cut no corners in our brake service to ensure your safety. Each motorcycle brake job receives new pads or shoes. We then inspect your rotors and replace them if required. The hydraulic system is then flushed and filled with new fluid and bled of air. In the case of cable brakes, the cables are lubricated and adjusted or replaced if needed.

Suspension Service & Repair

Berkshire Cycle offers complete motorcycle suspension repair and modification service. Whether you need new for seals or a complete re-valving to help keep the rubber firmly planted to the asphalt, we have you covered. Each of our motorcycle fork or shock rebuilds includes new OEM quality seals, high grade fork oil, and new slider bushings if required.

Full Service Tune Up

While most other shops and dealerships charge you for the bare bones minimum (oil, plugs, air filter, valve check). Berkshire Cycle goes the extra mile and covers every inch of your motorcycle to ensure it is going to be trouble free for your safety and enjoyment. When we say full service, we mean FULL service.

Fuel Injection Service

Dirty or clogged fuel injectors and fuel filters can degrade your motorcycles performance and economy. A plugged fuel filter can lower your fuel pressure leading to poor performance and possible engine damage. Plugged injectors can do the same. Berkshire Cycle is equipped with state of the art ultrasonic cleaning machines that can clean even the smallest particles of dirt right from the metals surface restoring lost performance and economy. We recommend injector cleaning on a yearly basis to ensure your machine maintains top performance

Carburetor Synchronization

If you have an older multi-carburetor (CV type) motorcycle, you may want to re-synch them once a year. Carburetor synchronization is simply the process of adjusting the carburetors so they pass the same amount of fuel/air mixture to each cylinder. This is done by measuring the vacuum produced in each cylinder. Carburetors that are out of synchronization will result in decreased fuel mileage, increased engine temperature, less than ideal throttle responce and higher vibration levels.