If It´s Broken We Can Fix It!

I've been repairing motorcycles since I was knee-high to a Sportster. The only bike I can´t fix is the one you don´t bring me. We´re much too busy for me to work on every bike that comes into our shop by myself, but no bike leaves here without my seal of approval. Just as you take pride in your bike, I take pride in our work. Fixing it right the first time, is all that matters to me.

Brad HoweOwner - Lead Technician

Engine Rebuilds

So your favorite motorcycle has finally breathed its last breath and you don't want to part with it. Or perhaps you blew up your race motor at the last race. No problem because at Berkshire Cycle we can rebuild your motor and make it good as new again. One of the most detail oriented jobs is rebuilding a motorcycle engine. We cut no corners rebuilding your engine to bring it back to like new condition. Berkshire Cycle can rebuild almost any motorcycle engine. Choose from a standard rebuild to a high performance build or anything you want!

Transmission Rebuilds

Berkshire Cycle is equipped to handle every type of motorcycle transmission repair and rebuild. Every transmission is thoroughly inspected for worn or damaged parts and OEM parts are used to rebuild your transmission to factory specs.

Pickup & Towing

Have no way of getting your motorcycle to us for repairs? No Problem! Berkshire Cycle offers motorcycle towing service for the Greater Western Mass area. Pick up service rates start at $25. All motorcycle towing services are done by appointment only. If you would like to arrange an appointment for pick up, please contact us.

Electrical Repairs

Berkshire Cycle are experts in motorcycle electrical repair and troubleshooting electrical problems on your motorcycle. From charging system problems to malfunctioning electrical equipment, Berkshire Cycle is equipped with every thing needed to perform top quality electrical repairs and modifications. All electrical repairs are done to strict standards. Every splice is soldered and insulated with top quality shrink wrap. We cut no corners to ensure you won't be left in the dark when you least expect it.

Driveline Repairs

Motorcycle chains wear and so do shaft drive systems. At Berkshire Cycle, we are equipped to handle all motorcycle driveline repairs for almost any make and model of motorcycle. Whether you need your motorcycles chain and sprocket replaced, or you need new u-joints for your shaft drive, we have you covered. All driveline repairs are performed to the highest standards to ensure your safety. We use OEM or aftermarket parts that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Carburetor Rebuilding

Dirty or clogged carburetors are the number one cause of problems of motorcycle performance issues. A dirty carburetor can cause rough idle, hesitation and loss of power. Worn o-ring seals can leak fuel past metering orifices causing rich running which leads to poor performance and economy. Motorcycle carburetors can become clogged from the bike being stored with fuel in it. As fuel evaporates, it leaves behind a gummy residue that can clog the small orfices and passageways inside your motorcycle's carburetor. They can also become clogged from the use of low grade fuels and old age. Berkshire Cycle are experts in motorcycle carburetor rebuilds and tuning. We have state of the art ultrasonic cleaning machines to bring your motorcycle's carburetors back to new condition. We use OEM quality parts to replace any worn components in your carburetors to ensure long life . We service all makes and models of carburetors from Kehin, Mikuni, Delorto, Amal, S&S, Lectron and more.